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Pain is, in all sense of the word, a literal pain in the (fill in the blank). Not all pain is created the same; location and severity all play a role. It's not just the physical stress, the emotional stress of not doing what you love can be devastating. It doesn't matter if you can barely move due to pain or deal with chronic ache after exercise, you are limited. The Commotion Team is dedicated to work with the community on achieving THEIR goals; it might be get off the couch comfortably or complete an ironman triathlon; or anywhere in between. Our team collaborates with you to make an individualized and specific plan to meet your goals.

"Rock Doc" FMT-1 Certified

Selective Functional Movement Analysis Certified

USA Track + Field Level 1 Coach

Pose Method Running Coach



To achieve optimal results and performance, the body needs to be assessed as a WHOLE. Many times the area of pain is a result of the interactions between multiple locations in the body. Our staff is Selective Functional Movement Assessment Certified, meaning we can assess the entire body and acquire all the pieces of the puzzle to solve any performance or pain issue. Many times knee pain is a result of stiff ankle and weak hip, the knee will never improve until the other areas are addressed. Treating the body as a WHOLE is a MUST!

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